NAS in emergency mode after distro upgrade

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    • NAS in emergency mode after distro upgrade

      I decided yesterday to upgrade by OMV 1.19 with Wheezy to latest distro and OMV relaease.
      I started with distro upgrade based on this guide:
      Everything went smooth, also everything seemed to be working after distro upgrade, but things broke down, after I used: apt-get autoremove and rebooted machine...
      Since then following happens:
      • I am unable to access OMV UI, shows 403 forbidden message
      • omv commands seems to be unavailable (like omv-update), like omv would be removed, but I can find omv folder in /etc/
      • Shell is in emergency mode after boot
      • I cannot login remotely via ssh, I am getting timeout
      • my LVM data are not accessible anymore
      • I see errors about dirty filesystem on some disc during boot and suggestion to login into Windows and try to fix it with chkdsk, so I did so (I have Windows 10 on one of SSD inside this box), but chkdsk did not find any error on any disc
      • I am even unable to reboot using command line anymore (must do hard reset with button on PC case), because during this action it gets into infinite loop of massages like: task plymouth 616 blocked timeout 120 seconds (I do not have exact messages now, because I am at work, but I can post more details later)
      Please, tell me that I can get it fixed somehow and save my LVM built of 3 HDDs and full of 8TB data :/

      Thank you.
    • I have gathered additional info of my situation now:
      • in /etc/lvm/ is config file, which is empty, but there is also Backup folder with yesterday timestamp of time, when I was approx working on upgrade and it includes info about my raid which was functional before
      • /etc/openmediavault contains only php.ini and config.xml, so it seems that openmediavalut is uninstalled now I guess? Or should I check some other locations too?
      Please, let me know, if you need to know anything else to be able help me with this issue.
      Thank you.

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