Lost connection to OMV after reboot

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    • Lost connection to OMV after reboot


      I'm currently running OMV 3.x, but after a recent manual remote reboot of the system I can't connect to the OMV GUI.
      I know the server is running because FTP, Plex and Transmission is working fine (The file location for new torrents in Transmission has been changed tho).

      Basically my problem is, that I get the following error message in Chrome when I try to connect to the server (both via local network and externally):

      This site can’t be reached
      ...refused to connect.

      I have tried to reboot it manually again, but it didn't help.
      I don't have physical access to the server until first in March, but can I do anything before that? or what to do when I get physical access to it?

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