Broken pipe -- what cause it ??

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Broken pipe -- what cause it ??

      Hello, ( again )...

      On my physical testbench ( accessing from another computer with ssh on local 192.168.x.x and ), i am experiencing multiples times a "broken pipe" error when trying to:
      - accessing drive with smart command from GUI
      - applying saved configuration changes.
      - installing plugins from GUI.

      Most of the time, re-applying what i was doing fix the error message.

      GUI is simply stating communications error, and journalctl -f state message like:
      - omv-engined[12967]: Failed to write to socket: Broken pipe

      I know that broken pipe error is thrown when the socket on the peer side is closed. But i wonder were it come from ??
      French, so forgive my english
      Personal Rig: as a test bench with Oracle VM.
      And YES, my avatar is real, i am flying "parapentes" in St Hilaire du Touvet and at la coupe icare.