OMV 3.0.92 on XU4 not booting up

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    • OMV 3.0.92 on XU4 not booting up

      Hello everyone!

      Open Media Vault is an important OS in NAS, congratulations!

      Just got my ODROID XU4 home and wanted to build a NAS server with OMV 3.

      I got the image file: OMV_3_0_92_Odroidxu4_4.9.61.img.xz
      with correct MD5: E349F2FA1ACEBDEEDE8210B0FF7E9959

      When I unpack the image file: OMV_3_0_92_Odroidxu4_4.9.61.img (Is not necessary on Etcher)
      MD5: B5BD94E742280C1C8DE1EEF4DC5B3FE7

      I use Etcher to burn eMMC (16 GB). I put the eMMC card on XU4 and not boot up. On TV: no image.

      Please, can anybody tell me what I doing wrong?


      * My XU4 works because I can boot Ubuntu - Mate (ubuntu-16.04.3-4.14-mate-odroid-xu4-20171212.img.xz)
    • These eMMC boot partitions are hidden when you access the module with a generic card reader. That's why updating the contents only works when running on the XU4 itself.

      All eMMC sold by Hardkernel after Sep 2017 has a more recent u-boot that is not limited to FAT any more. So with older eMMC modules you need nand-sata-install anyway.
    • Hello,

      I can boot OMV 3.0.92 with micro-SD. I access to OMV by ssh and type: nand-sata-install
      Open an Armbian for Odroid XU4 install script, but only 2 options:
      1. Boot from eMMC - system on eMMC
      2. Update the bootloader on a special eMMC partition

      Sorry but I don't idea...