Data migration

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    • Data migration

      I just got my hands on a new server. I'm running VMware on it and OMV is one of the VMs. I've installed OMV, added and mounted my data disk (EXT4) and am now ready to migrate my 2TB of data from my old server (fedora with NTFS drive) on to OMV. I think rsync is the way to go here but I'm having some trouble with it. Both servers have SSH access and both have rsync on them. I've read some threads in this forum and understand that OMV's rsync GUI is not interactive so cannot handle passwords.

      I've uploaded OMV's public key to my old fedora server and tested an rsync job using the GUI. The job is configured as a 'pull' from the remote fedora server but I am using the password option. I cannot select anything under the passphrase option so didn't use that. It looks like it can login and connect to that fedora server but the job breaks down pretty quickly with an error about broken pipes and another one about file attributes not being transferred.

      I've tried to find a guide or thread that helps with this process but haven't come across any.
    • Assuming the data on your remote server is in network share:

      Have you tried the remote mount plugin? With remote mount you can set a user and password, which will get you into the remote servers share. At that point, the remote folder becomes the equivalent of a local filesystem on OMV.

      You'll need two shared folders. One for the remote mount and another one on OMV.

      (Also, note the path when you set up a shared folder for the remotely mounted folder, highlighted as follows:)

      You want the root of the remote folder.

      From there, setup up an Rsync job with the source being the locally mounted remote folder (from the remote server), with the destination being an OMV shared folder. (**Note - the Rsync job type is LOCAL.**)
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    • Yes, that was helpful. Thanks, subzero79!

      It helped me understand that I can use password authentication to run the rsync job. After screwing up my VM and reinstalling it, I also discovered even using password authentication, I would still need to share my ssh key with my original fedora server before rsync would run. Easily done with the following command on my OMV:

      ssh-copy-id targetmachine

      I also needed to be careful with my "/" when specifying the remote directory in the rsync webgui. I needed one before my folder name.

      Once I figured all this out, my rsync job worked.
    • I spoke too fast. The rsync job started up fine so I walked away. When I came back, I was faced with an error box that screamed, "Communication Failure".

      I thought my rsync job was timing out so I turned off my screensaver and power management stuff, plugged in the laptop and started the job again. It started up OK but threw up the same error.

      Could it be the disk or VM resources? I've got 8 GBs on this with 4 cores, which I assume is enough, but I can add more. LAN is all gigabit. HD is a bit old but it formatted OK.