Is Upgrade to 4.x safe for me?

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    • Is Upgrade to 4.x safe for me?

      Hello everybody,

      I am considering an upgrade of my omv 3.0.96 to omv 4, Debian 8 to Debian 9.

      I´ve got the following plugins installed:
      • ClamAV
      • Backup
      • Apple Filing
      • Docker (CE-Repo)
      • Fail2Ban
      • LetsEncrypt
      • MySQL
        • Debian 9 has MariaDB as default. Will the upgrade result in a smooth transition from MySQL to MariaDB?
      • Nginx
      • RSnapshot
      • FlashMemory
      I believe the Fail2Ban plugin hasn't been ported to omv4 yet, so I'll have to uninstall it. LetsEncrypt, MySQL, Nginx and FlashMemory are really important for me.
      Emby is installed via custom repository. Do I have to change the repo from Debian8 to Debian9 before or after upgrading omv?

      Will it be safe for me to upgrade?

      And another very important question: How do I upgrade? Simply execute "omv-release-upgrade"? Will this command also upgrade the OS from jessie to stretch? Do I first have to change sources from jessie to stretch and Upgrade the OS?

      Thank you all for you help. Much appreciated.

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    • so far, i can tell you that concerning fresh install. I dont know for sure concerning upgrade from/to

      • clamAV OK for me
      • Backup using duplicati and rsync worked for me
      • Fail2Ban manually added via ssh
      • LetsEncrypt done using --4096 for rsa length and --webroot work fine for me
      • FlashMemory ok
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    • nasty_vibrations wrote:

      how exactly is it done
      omv-release-upgrade on CLI

      nasty_vibrations wrote:

      how safe will the upgrade procedure be
      Upgrade was smooth for me. But it is always a good idea to have a backup of your system drive - just in case something goes wrong. For this the recommendation is to use Clonezilla.

      Your data should be fine, but also for the data you should have backup in any case.
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    • Update:
      I did the recommended backup via clonezilla --> worked very well including testing of the image
      Did the upgrade --> worked well
      First thing I encountered was the MySQL Database could not be accessed. After resetting the root/omvadmin password this worked as well. Actually, I don´t really know what happened exactly or what made it work in the end.
      I also had the "rrdcached plugin could not connect to..." error in syslog. After enabling and disabling the Monitoring this error disappeared.

      So far, I'm really happy with the upgrade.