Permissions issue on shared folder

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Permissions issue on shared folder

      I've a Music share which hosts my iTunes library that I'd like to automatically sync with with Google Music via Google Music manager - however I'm experiencing various issues.
      Want to exclude permissions as one of these factors, so looking for advise on my setup. Current configuration is as follows. Anything stand out here? Thanks.

      Current setup:
      1) OMV server setup with RAID5 (software) / Music folder shared via SMB mapped as local drive M: / iTunes installed on local PC can access/add/change the library without a problem

      2) Shared folder /Music with following ACL setup
      • Owner - Root - RWE
      • Group - Users - RWE
      • Others - RWE
      • Replace all existing permission - Yes
      • Recursive - Yes

      3) SMB / CIF
      • Public - Guest Allowed
      • Browsable - Yes
      • Inherit ACL's - Yes
      • Inherit permissions - No