Recommended way to store VirtualBox VMs on System Drive (SSD)

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Recommended way to store VirtualBox VMs on System Drive (SSD)

      Hello together,

      two years ago I've installed OMV 2.0 on an old pc and I remember that OMV grabbed the whole system drive for root partition.
      I agree that separation of system and data is a good thing so I arranged with it.

      Now I want to install OMV 4.0 as storage and virtualization server. I'm familiar with VirtualBox. So the combination OMV + VBox-Plugin seems to fit for me.

      But here is my problem:
      The server pc has 4 x 4TB HDDs as data storage and a 256GB SSD for system.
      I'd like to use the system SSD for the VBox VMs but I remember from OMV 2.0 that this usage is not intended. But in my case it makes absolutely sense to have the (relative small) VMs on the fast SSD.

      What is the recommended way to archive this setup in OMV 4.0?
      Does the installer have a partitioning tool now?

      But to be honest I'd like to have the VMs within the root partition. Don't want to get stuck in a too small root-partition some time.
      On my old OMV 2.0 SbNZBd Plugin had its temp dir for downloading and unpacking on the root partition too. This also makes sense to me on the new system as file access is much faster on the ssd than on the hdds.
      But VMs and storage are the main purposes of the new system. So in the end I'll go the recommended way to have the VMs on my SSD.

      Thanks for you suggestions! :)
    • first of all, use dynamique VDI for the disque.
      Use a 8 to 16 Go operating disk, depending on what you plan to do.
      After that, you can repeat the step for the data HDD and choose whatever size.


      I have a 3TO HDD, and i usually test omv with 1 IDE dynamique VDI of 16GO, and 6 SATA dynamique VDI disk of 1TO each for testing.


      the PerfectD9.3 VDI is set to be a 16GO disk.
      The Two DynamicVdisk1 and 2 bare suppose to be 1TO each.
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    • Thanks for your reply but I think you missed the point. I don't want to install OMV *inside* a VM. I want to use OMV as base operating system and use its VirtualBox Plugin to have some other VMs on top of OMV. But I remember that the VirtualBox Plugin doesn't let you place VMs on the same drive than OMV is installed to. I want to know whats the recommended way to place VirtualBox VMs on the omv system drive. Any suggestions?

      Regards Mr Smile
    • Mr Smile wrote:

      I want to know whats the recommended way to place VirtualBox VMs on the omv system drive. Any suggestions?
      You would have to repartition your system drive and create/format the new partition. Once that is done, you can mount it in the filesystems tab and create a shared folder on it for use in the virtualbox plugin.
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