Samba shares not working on first try

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    • Samba shares not working on first try

      I've installed OMV 3 on Debian Jessie, and it's working fine. There is one problem however, which is a bit strange and I can't seem to find the cause nor a solution.

      My Samba shares are working fine in essence, but when I connect to them after they haven't been used for a while, I'm getting a 'not accessible' error in Windows when I try to browse the OMV server. I then have to wait for a while (a few seconds), and try to approach the OMV server with the samba shares again; then the error is gone and the samba shares are visible.

      I can't find anything in the logs that indicates an error (not in OMV, nor in the Windows client) It almost seems like there is some power management feature going that has put the server to sleep and has to wake up or something. However, I think it's not the HDD's that are powered down, because that happens as well, and when I enter a Samba share on a spun down HDD, I have to wait while I hear the drive spinning up. So that's working without any errors.

      Some details on my system; running OMV3 on a Intel Celeron x86 machine, with an SSD as system drive and some HDD's for data. The HDD's are encrypted with the LUKS encryption plugin (could that have anything to do with it?)

      Any of you recognize what's going on and know how to fix this?

      Thanks for the great software BTW! :thumbsup:
    • Nobody?

      To be a bit more specific; after a reboot of my Windows machine, the following happens:
      1. I click the shortcut the OMV server, and get the authorization popup, where I enter my credentials
      2. I then get a '0x800704cf Network Error -- Network location cannot be reached'
      3. I keep getting this error for a while, maybe 20-40 seconds, when I try to get to the shortcut. Sometimes I get a new authorization popup where I enter my credentials
      4. Then suddenly, it seems to work, and I just get to see the samba shares
      I haven't been able to find a solution that is Windows related (and I don't have such problems with my Synology NAS and my Linux HTPC), so I'm wondering whether it has to to with the OMV installation. I'm hoping someone can provide some pointers!