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    • OMV 3.x

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    • OMV Update Management Debian repository

      I have installed OMV3 on Debian Jessie. Now, I wanted to install some other packes from the newer Debian release, so I added stretch repositories. I did this with priority pinning, so that existing packages would be not be updated.

      However, OMV actually also shows the stretch updates for all packages in its Update Management tab. I don't want to upgrade all these packages, as these may break OMV3. Doesn't OMV look into the repository priorities? Is it possible to set a default repository for this function?
    • Make sure you have run apt-get update so the index is updated. Other than that are you sure that they are correctly pinned? The display in the ui is the same as apt-get upgrade

      Also omvextras plugin provides repository adding with pinning
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    • OMV does nothing magically, it simply uses APT to collect the packages that can be updated. In this case your pinning config seems to be incorrect, that's the reason why all these packages are displayed.
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