Strange: VPN Connects on one ISP but not on other!

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    • Strange: VPN Connects on one ISP but not on other!


      Okay so I have a strange problem and looked everywhere to find a solution but no success. I have OpenVPN Server on OpenMediaVault running in India where inside India I can use any ISP to connect successfully with network access. The problem comes when I travel to Dubai very often and want to access my network back in India. There are only 2 ISPs in Dubai namely Du and Etisalat where I can use VPN on Du but not on Etisalat. The VPN connects while using Etisalat but there is no traffic.

      So then I went around and found a public VPN file on the internet which works perfectly fine on Du & Etisalat which makes me think that theres some requirement from Etisalat which my OpenVPN Server is not fulfilling.

      Any help is much appreciated.

      Thank you!
    • Dubai or UAE authority does not recommand the use of VPN. It's not illegal, but you can have problems with the the ISP or the carrier. Also with the cybercrime law of this country it's possible to shutdown vpn traffic at the broder.

      Maybe that articel will help you

      Kind regards

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