OMV 4 - rrdcached service issue

    • OMV 4.x
    • OMV 4 - rrdcached service issue

      After every restart the rrdcached service isn't working anymore.
      So it has to be fixed after every restart with omv-mkconf rrdcached to get it working again.

      Not a big issue but would be great if it could be fixed.

      OMV 4 Arrakis | Kernel 4.14 ... running on
      SelfBuilt NAS -- Asrock Q1900-ITX -- 4x 2,4 GHz in Burst Mode -- 4 GB DDR3 RAM -- RAID 5 -- 3x 3TB WD Red
    • This should not happen and I do not have problems since a long time. Maybe your hardware clock does not work. A correct time is absolutely important for a time series database.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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