My first NAS-Build

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    • My first NAS-Build

      Hi guys,

      I build my frist NAS on the base of Intels G4560-CPU. The reason for this build was that the hdd with the baby pictures of our daughter crashed. After the nuclear fallout that my wife released on me, I got a go to build a local storage. Some my ask, why we didn't put the pictures in a cloud, but we both don't trust this solutions.

      The G4560 settels on a Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H with two Crucial 4GB DDR4 2400MT/s. The OS is installed on a Transcend MTS600 M.2 SSD with 32GB capacity. The PSU I used, is a be quit! Pure Power 10 ATX with 300W. As storage devices I used four Seagates Ironwolf 2TB-Disks now running as a raid 5. All of components I threw in a Phenom M Nivdia Black Edition Micro-ATX Case of BitFenix. It's a small case and looks really great on my desk, but you do not want to see the inside of it. There is not enough spcae to think about cable managemt. At the moment I think, if I should buy Fractal Designs Node 804-Case. There is more space and a better ventilation I think.

      On the pictures I attached to this post, you are looking from the top to the bottem of the machine. You can see 2 disks at the bottem and the other tow disks are srewed on the top of the picture.

      Kind regards

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      „Unsere Jugend ist heruntergekommen und zuchtlos. Die jungen Leute hören nicht mehr auf ihre Eltern. Das Ende der Welt ist nahe“ (Keilschrifttext, Chaldäa, um 2000 v. Chr.)

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    • Very nice and well done. I’ll actually be putting together a new build with the same processor, mobo (it’s the H270, instead of the B250, but it’s pretty close to what you used), and ram. I’ve yet to decide on psu and case. Anything I should look out for when getting this set up? Processor and mobo played nicely with OMV install? I was also thinking about running the os off of a 32gb M.2 SSD, how has that worked for you? Sorry for all of the questions, but I found it amazing that you posted a build with almost identical components as what I’ll be using. Thanks in advance.
    • The only problem I encountered was, that when I wrote the ISO to the USB-Stick with UNetBootIn the setup process asked for a cdrom drive. After some trial and errors I used Rufus ( to write the iso to the stick and then the setup went really smooth.

      A reason why i used the B250 was, that it has intel nics. I run a firewall with a mobo that has Realtek NICs and its a pain in the ass, if you asked me. Thats why I decided to go this time with the Intel chipsets. In my opinion intel is much more supported by linux then other chipsets.

      A funny behaviour of my board is, when I use a M.2 SATA SSD it will disable the 6. sata port. If I use a M.2 PCIe SSD I can still use the 6. sata port. My advise would be to check, if your board behave similar.

      If you look for a small case, I could not recommend my BitFenix Phenom M. My wife heard more swearing of me in this two hours of the building process then in the last 6 Years. It is incredible tiny, you do not have enough space for everything. For example I couldnt used angular sata clips, because there was no space to turn them in the needed direction. And the normal stright clips nearly touches the wall of the case. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two cables will break in the future. I hope to get a Fractal Design Node 804 in the near future. Then I will move the NAS to a new case. In this case I will put a small pc for my little daughter, when she needs one for homework.
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      „Unsere Jugend ist heruntergekommen und zuchtlos. Die jungen Leute hören nicht mehr auf ihre Eltern. Das Ende der Welt ist nahe“ (Keilschrifttext, Chaldäa, um 2000 v. Chr.)
    • I just checked and the mobo I’ll be using has an Intel nic also. I’m planning to use a full size case, Fractal Node or similar. Waiting for my mobo/cpu/ram to arrive tomorrow. I currently have OMV running an old Optiplex, so I’ll need to figure out the best way to migrate everything to a new machine once I get my build completed. I also had issues writing the img and ended up using a CD to install onto usb. I kept getting a partition error with the img on the usb. After several hours of attempts, I finally got everything running and it’s been smooth ever since. Really like this os. The devs do great work. Props to everyone involved. Hey appreciate the response. \m/
    • Sound like you will have fun ths weekend. I didn't want to use another full size case, because there are to many in my office room at home. I hoped to find something like a good old desktop case, but all matx cases didn't support more the three 3.5" disk or where too expensive. Master Cooler HAF XB EVO could have done the job, but that case was over the top and it's an atx-case. If I ever build a new gaming pc, then i will use this case.
      „Unsere Jugend ist heruntergekommen und zuchtlos. Die jungen Leute hören nicht mehr auf ihre Eltern. Das Ende der Welt ist nahe“ (Keilschrifttext, Chaldäa, um 2000 v. Chr.)