Please re-start building OMV4 EXTRAS for ARMEL

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    • Please re-start building OMV4 EXTRAS for ARMEL

      I have a Zyxel NSA325A with a debian kirkwood kernel and ARMEL platform.
      Today I tried to update to OMV4, as I want to switch Nextcloud from PHP5 based to PHP7 based.

      After fiddling around with some problems (can't login to nextcloud anymore), I detected, that the OMV4 extra plugins are no more build for ARMEL.

      Please add this platform back to the build process for the OMV4 extras plugins - basically this CPU is doing its job, and php7 is said to much faster than php5. Additionally nextcloud won't support php5 soon.

      Or is there a better source than…tretch/main/binary-armel/ for my target?

      Kind Regards,
    • kariburger wrote:

      Please add this platform back to the build process for the OMV4 extras plugins
      Sorry, I don't want to support armel. php-pam (core OMV package not omv-extras) isn't compiled for armel either and won't work. If you want to compile php-pam on your system, there is nothing stopping you from manually downloading and installing the plugins on your system as long as they have _all in the package name (platform independent).
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    • Hi,
      I got php-pam installed in version 1.0.3-1 from the arrakis repository.

      Meanwhile I manually downloaded all packages, which I had installed for OMV3 - and which are independent from the architecture (_all.deb), and installed them manually.
      Now my system is running OMV4 fine - even FASTER with the help of PHP7 (not measured, but my impression).

      So it would be a big help, if you could simply add all the "_all.deb" packages to the index in…tretch/main/binary-armel/ and…tretch/main/binary-armel/, so that I and other ARMEL users could get automatic updates. You wouldn't have to perform any manual builds -just maintain the package index file.

      I fully understand, that individual cross-compiling for rarely used architectures is not suitable.
      I just ask for support for automatic installation of architecture-independent packages.