Communication failure - Jdownloader

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    • Communication failure - Jdownloader

      Hello everyone

      Sorry for my English !!!

      I currently work with version 3.0.97 that I just updated, however, I encounter a problem.

      As soon as I want to connect to the web interface I have the error message "communication failure", and I have no details about the error.
      I can not see the status of my hard drives or the services.
      My.Jdownoader does not work anymore and TV Head End freeze from time to time.

      Do you have a track or idea to give me?

      I logged in under putty to do an apt-get update it was extremely long to do his research.

      Do you have an idea ?

      Thank you very much in advance.
    • Hello,

      I just figured out where the problem came from. It is the jdownloader service that causes "communication failure".

      I uninstalled jdownloader with
      apt-get purge --remove openmediavault-jdownloader

      Everything is going well I have no problem.

      As soon as I reinstall (my credentials are already registered) and I want to activate it,
      I meet my communication problems again.

      Do you have an idea ?
      Thank you in advance.
    • SnakeDoc wrote:

      "communication failure"
      This is a well known error in OMV and can have many reason - and actually no solution. In many cases the system is completely utilized by another task and did not respond in the expected time. E.g. waiting until all disk have spun up after a disk standby while going to the storage / filesystem menu. This was my case.

      I don´t know jdownloader. Maybe the plugin is trying to connect to somewhere, but without success and therefore make retries endlessly.
      OMV 3.0.90 (Gray style)
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