UPDATE: Installation help please still struggling after 14 days

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    • Installation help please still struggling after 14 days

      Hi Guys

      I've just edit this thread , to show people what I have done to make this work as I have just had a breakthrough.

      I just could not work out how to out the building blocks together and in which order to make the OMV back up another HD on my LAN.

      I have now got things kinda working, and I think there is some way to go, but what I would like is to understand how the remotemount, SMA/CIFS, USER, files system and shared folders work with each other.

      I'm doing things but half the time I'm not sure if what I'm doing is right as I'm still learning and was hoping someone would enlighten me

      My current understanding is you have to go through this chain of events to be able set off a job in rsync to make backup from another local drive to the new OMV server.

      I really would like to know if this is right, or is there another easier way. And as as yet, I'm not sure this will copy dirrectories, it copies files ok. So am I doing something wrong ?
      Any comments would be very much appreciated.

      1. you need to first mount the drives, so check on on your "Physical Drives" its/they are there
      2. Then go to "File Systems" and make sure it's mounted
      3. Then go to SMB/CIFS to enable workgroup
      4. Then go to User and add a user
      5. Then go Shared Folders and add the name of the/a new folder and where it should go/sit then select the path where it should be coiped from
      6. Then go to SMB/CIFS and look for the shared folder you have just created in 5
      7. Go to User, then give the new user read write permission
      8. From there go to rsync and look for the folder name you created in 5 and set up your rsync.

      One thing I have found it is that I can't delete my files on OMV using this method and I don't know why. I've asked the question in another thread. But any feedback on these steps, to help me understand if I'm doing the right thing would really be appreciated. Thanks

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