Cannot connect to FTP

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    • Cannot connect to FTP


      I installed OMV and enabled FTP, I added a shared folder whcich I enabled in the FTP page, and granted the user Read and Write privileges on the shraed folder.

      I tried connecting via SFTP with Filezilla and it says authentication failure. I am able to connect with root login. Please help me out.

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    • With FIlezilla you should be able to connect even without FTP server enabled on OMV.
      At least that is the case on my installation. WIth root as well as another user which is memeber of the ssh group. Might be that is the problem. Is the user you are trying member of the ssh group?
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    • I was able to connect via sftp after adding my user to the ssh group, thank you macom ! However, I had to set my user as owner of the shared folder in order to access it, although my user had read and write permissions on this folder. Why is that ?
      Also, I am wondering why I am unable to connect via FTP.

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