Plex Web interface says that server is not up to date

    • Plex Web interface says that server is not up to date

      Hi everyone,

      I've installed OMV 4.0.14, OMV Extras 4.1.2 Package and with it the Plexmediaserver plugin 3.8.2.
      In the web interface of Plex, it's written that Version is not up to date and an update is available with a link to plex website.
      When I try to connect the server from Plex App on my Playstation 4, it don't find it automatically, I have to go to settings and manually enter the IP adress of OMV computer.
      I can see all the media I've add to the libraries but when I try to launch a film or a music I have the following error:

      There was an error playing this item.
      error: 'undefined' code: '-2140536828'

      I tried to install the official Plex Media Server for Linux for Ubuntu distribution but when I try to download the file in web interface of OMV, I have the error "413 Request Entity Too Large nginx"
      I've read in this forum that it will be better to install the Docker version of Plex but as I've never used Linux systems before, I don't understand how to install it :/ ...

      So, I need some help please!
      Thank you! :)