Initial Setup for future expand...

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Initial Setup for future expand...

      My configuration is the following:
      HP Microserver Gen10 with a 4TB disk.

      As the main OS I have put ESXI and on this I have mounted a virtual machine windows and a virtual machine with OMV.

      I have a contentstore with a 250GB SSD and another contentstore with the 4TB disk.

      For the OMV virtual machine I have created a 2.5TB disk and another 10GB disk (SSD). Over the 10GB I have installed the operating system and the 2.5TB are for data.

      My question is as follows, when the 2.5TBs are filled to me as I can expand them so that they are transparent and do not affect the shared folders.
      That is to say if I have the Multimedia folder and the Data folder on the 2.5TB disk and tomorrow I buy another 4TB disk that I add to the microserver and expand the contentstore from 4TB to 8TB and I give 3TB to OMV how do I give it those 3TB so that they add up to 2.5TB and are available without needing to create another folder?