Need help with docker-containers

    • Need help with docker-containers


      i have a lot of questions about the functionality of your Docker-plugin - since i cannot find any real indepth documentation about it and i am doing everything on guess and nothing works out how it should.
      I use here resilio-sync-image.
      In the Pluginsettings there are couple fields:

      [Blocked Image:]
      "The location of the Docker base path (this setting is optional and defaults to /var/lib/docker if unset). The plugin must be enabled for a change to be committed"

      Do i understand it correctly that this is the path where all the docker-volumes/containers reside? If i let this unconfigured it takes the same drive for storage of the containers where OMV is installed, yes?
      With the first install i let this unconfigured and it filled the USB-Stick from which OMV boots. Then i changed it to a share i have made which is called "Vault". It's my ZFS-pool.
      I then deleted the contents containers in /var/lib/docker manually. After trying it again with it set to Vault it still fills up my USB-Drive.
      The contents of the container reside in "/data/Vault/share/Docker/volumes/9356ba31fbbb6d6bfaac136a237adc1e27d98e033c35444ed3c868dee322594f/_data/sync" - it is inside the /data/Vault which is share on my harddisks but it still
      takes the space in USB-Stick, so there seems to be some symlink-shenanigans going on and i would like to know how i can do it that the contents of the docker-container go to the harddisk, not USB-Stick.

      [Blocked Image:]

      "Source path for copying of Docker image/container data"
      "Destination path"

      I have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to do and i cannot find any information on it. Do i have to set there that it should use a Harddisk-Share not the USB-Stick? And how to do it, what to put inside the source path?
      And what are these Volumes in the file-systems-view you see in the screenshot above? Are these docker containers?

      Also in the container-modification options there a couple of settings i cannot understand:

      "Volumes and Bind mounts Host Path Container Path"
      "Volumes - From Container +"
      [Blocked Image:]

      What exactly do these options?
      Do i have to modify something there to make the container-contents go to a harddisk?
      Host path is relative to what i have set in the settings?
      And these switches there are read only by default yes? So the container cannot write in them? But my resilio in container wrote on USB-Stick? Does the option have no effect?

      Does somebody can help or maybe explain the steps i need to do to get the scenario i described working or maybe a link to some tutorial or something?
      It should be common practice among users of OMV to put these containers on a mounted drive and not in the root-system so this imho should be made more straightforward tbh.

      Thank you in advance

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    • There is a sort of manual in the guide section. Was created in the first versions of the plugin, but still valid. The copy source path for image/data is usesss. Especially if the new destination is zfs since is a different graph driver. Better to start fresh if you’re using zfs dataset.
      Also at the current status of the plugin is not recommended you use zfs shared folder using the plugin or you’re going to have boot problems(read the GitHub zfs plugin issues section). Set it to none, and use a symlink from

      /var/lib/docker —> /pool/dataset
      New wiki
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