New nas for backup/mirroring

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    • New nas for backup/mirroring

      hi to all, given the need for backup, I would build an economic nas with material that I have at home, 1 raspberry pi zero w and a couple of hd (I would use them in jbod) and make an automatism that, as soon as I turn on this nas, he does backup via Rsync and once it is turned off by itself. In your opinion, is it feasible? tips? alternatives?

      I also have a qnap ts212p that I do not use, but I would like to sell it ... and stay true to OMV :P :D
      From Italy :) :)

      My NAS: CM Elite 110, Asus P8H77-I, Intel I5 2330, 4GB ram, 1x 4TB HD WDRed, 1x 1TB HD Seagate.
      With: Plex, Transmission, SMB, FTP, USBBackup