MySql Problem, how to configure for KODI

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    • MySql Problem, how to configure for KODI


      I´ve got some problems in configuring MySql to use it for kodi.

      My OMV runs on a HP N40l. I´ve installed 1 HDD just for testing and put a few videos on it.

      Now I would like to put the DB of kodi onto the SQL Server.

      Things I did and i think they are working:

      -Installed OMV
      -Installed MySQL
      -Configured eth to static
      -Configured MySql in OMV as shown in the Screenshot
      -Created and advancedsettings.xml as shown in the code
      -Configured MySql in it´s own GUI as shown in the Screenshot

      XML Source Code: advancedsettings.xml

      1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
      2. -<advancedsettings>
      3. -<videodatabase>
      4. <type>mysql</type>
      5. <host></host>
      6. <port>3306</port>
      7. <user>kodi</user>
      8. <pass>kodi</pass>
      9. </videodatabase>
      10. -<videolibrary>
      11. <importwatchedstate>true</importwatchedstate>
      12. <importresumepoint>true</importresumepoint>
      13. </videolibrary>
      14. </advancedsettings>
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      But it doenst work for me. I am not sure what I have to fill in the line in MySql "Host". What does that mean? The Host of my OMV? So

      And further.. What do I have to do exactly in OMV? Do I have to generate the user kodi, too? I am a beginner in OMW and MySql and I would hope someone could help me getting starting kodi working like I would.

      And yeah there are some Tut´s but they are mostly outdatet.

      Thanks a lot.

      Ps: pls be patient of my bad english.
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