Nextcloud Docker + SSL on lan

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    • Nextcloud Docker + SSL on lan


      I've been playing around with OMV 3.0.98 on my Raspberry Pi 3.
      I installed Nextcloud via Docker (lsioarmhf/nextcloud) and I managed to have it up and running. I just want/need it by now in my home lan.
      I've already read several threads and topics, guides, how-to here in the forums as well as all over the internet.
      What I can't get to work as I would like to is:

      SSL certification: I know I can create an exception but I would rather have it properly certified if possible.
      Accessing Nextcloud: I always have to enter "" - Is there a way I can just type in an address, like nextcloud.home.lan or something?

      Like I said, I already spent a lot of hours with nginx, letsencrypt, omv certificates, tried different configurations and options, reinstalled OMV from scratch a bunch of times due to errors...

      I would really appreciate some help or at least someone pointing me the correct directions...

      Thanks in advance,
      Best regards.
    • Hi,

      it would be nice if you could post how you made it run.
      I'm also trying to get it to run but i'm not sure where i'm failing. Do I need to also install mysql?
      I managed to access the web ui but after creating the account choosin sqlite, it is giving me "504 gateway time-out"