Backup advice needed

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    • Backup advice needed

      I'm trying to come up with a backup plan for OMV before I commit to it. My current server (not OMV) backs up all data (not OS) to an external drive attached to the server. I have tried to replicate this with OMV but am running into issues. I'm not running a RAID. Just an OS drive and a Data drive. Ideally, if something goes wrong, I'd like to just be able to reinstall the OS and drop in the backup drive and be up and running again. This is possible with my current setup.

      My OMV is running as a VM which complicated things a bit. I finally sorted out VMWare to see the USB drive and pass it through to OMV. OMV sees it under Physical Devices and File Systems, if I mount it, so I formatted it as ext4 through the GUI. I then installed the USBBackup plugin but this drive does not appear in the dropdown menu of that plugin's options. I understand that USBBackup needs to mount the drive itself, so I unmounted it, unplugged it, plugged it back in but still the plugin doesn't see it.

      Is USBBackup not seeing it because I already mounted the drive once through the file system? Do I now need to go through OMV's config and delete any reference to it in there?

      I do have an older raspberry pi lying around unused. Is it a better idea to turn that into a backup server and run these over my LAN?
    • spinach wrote:

      Is USBBackup not seeing it because I already mounted the drive once through the file system?
      No, that is not the problem. I did the same multiple times and the drive was always recognised the next time it was connected to the USB bus, but I am quite sure that I always made a reboot of my NAS in the meantime.

      Please unmount the USB drive by the WebUI, reboot your NAS (or the VM) and then look again if the drive appears in the dropdown menu now. The drive is formatted with EXT4 so everything should be fine.

      OMV is running here on real hardware not in a VM. So I am referring to this setup.
      OMV 3.0.90 (Gray style)
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    • pierewoehl wrote:

      Using OMV on a VM is a really Bad Idea
      I highly disagree. I have run OMV in VMs for years and it works very well.
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