Add my own program to the menu

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    • Add my own program to the menu

      I'm not sure where to put this, so if it's the wrong spot, I apologize. If it's covered in the docs or in other easy to find places, I'm sorry too. I couldn't find it.

      I installe OMV, got CUPS to work, and everything was super. Except the printer is also a scanner, so after some tweaking and despair, I got a local CLI script to work. Meaning: I put the original in the feeder, and starts my program from the command line.

      Now, this being OMV, it would be nice if I (and others, not necessarily confident with the command line) could run this progrram from the menu. Sugar on top would be to be able to add some input, so I could decide e.g. to whom to send.

      Making a plugin (even if there is a template) seems to be a lot of work. So I'm asking for which options there exists.
    • You can run commands from the scheduled jobs tab. Otherwise, you will have to make a plugin.
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    • IF is a non interactive script then you can use a disabled scheduled task. If you need some input then you can edit the scheduled task to put an argument. Little bit tedious but....

      Another option it could work is a software written in Golang called webhook. It creates a small web server were you can type an url and execute a script, you can pass arguments also. I use it to hard reset poe devices, You can combine it with nginx proxy pass. For example I type rr/ and switches off and on the Ethernet port of the device.
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