How to use VPN with transmission

    • OMV 2.x
    • The VPN plugin in OMV is to create a VPN server. This is not what you want.
      You want your OMV to connect as a client to an external VPN server. This can be done from the command line through OpenVPN. You VPN provider should provide instructions for setting up the VPN on Linux with OpenVPN.

      Setting up a VPN on OMV means that all OMV communication will go through the VPN. If you access any other services on the OMV server from the outside (nextcloud, plex, etc...), they will not work any more.
    • Paperino78 wrote:

      Hi everybody, one question. On my omv 2 i installed transmission and works well, but how can i use my vpn with transmission? I installed vpn on omv, so i have to use my vpn or another in transmisison? And how can i setting?

      This thread may be helpful to review. It has discussion on transmission and jdownloader
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      OMV 4.1.4-1 Arrakis | Odroid XU4Q | armhf-gang | docker noob