Strange Browser behaviour

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    • Strange Browser behaviour


      i actually got a strange browser behavior i could need your help at.

      when i want to open the webgui in firefox by the ip-adress i get a almost empty page, just with the omv logo.
      opening the webgui by calling the domain homeserver.local works as usual.
      even calling the ip in other browsers like edge or safari on my mobile is no problem.

      so i think its a problem of the firefox. i cleared the cache, deleted the cookies, but i still can not open the webgui by entering the ip-adress.

      do you have any ideas?

      • 2018-03-10 23_20_31-openmediavault control panel - HomeServer.local.png

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      • 2018-03-10 23_21_13-openmediavault control panel - HomeServer.local.png

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