DOCKER: sonarr config folder suddenly owned by "systemd timesync"

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    • DOCKER: sonarr config folder suddenly owned by "systemd timesync"

      I updated the sonarr container, stopped the old container, manually input all variables into the new container and started the new container. Everything seemed normal, but now the sonarr log is full of permissions errors like "System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "/config/config.xml" is denied."

      This is weird, because i am 99.9% sure i input everything the same.

      -I quadruple checked the PUID and PGID, they are 100/1000, the same as before
      -looking at the filesystem in filezilla, i notice that the sonarr config folder is owned by "systemd timesync" and not the docker user. This is weird?

      Any ideas how to troubleshoot this, and what caused this?

    • You are not supposed to update like this ...
      You can use watchTower if you don't want to update manually.

      For your problem, you can do:

      Source Code

      1. sudo chown -R yourDockerUser:docker yourSonarrDirectory/
      Then restart the container.
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    • thanks for your reply!

      I have updated sonarr, radar, nzbget and others like this before without negative consequences. I will search the internet for the "correct" way to update,

      - I have not installed watchtower, because i do not want to update working containers all the time. I want to be able to choose.

      - I thought a user friendly "update button" was in the works for the OMV plugin? IMO this would still be a very welcome addition. Esp. given the move away from regular plugins, which are currently much more user-friendly to install and update.
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