Setup Problem with Cloudshell2 and Odroid-xu4

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Setup Problem with Cloudshell2 and Odroid-xu4

      Picked up a Cloudshell2 and an Odroid figured I would build a cheap NAS to play with already had 2 hdd from a PC that bit the dust but still worked fine.
      1 WD 2TB and a Seagate 1.5 full of music and movies, WD is ext4 and the Seagate is ext3 everything works fine, bootup twice, log in change password
      update the system, setup a new user, but when I mount the 2 drives and setup shared folders and reboot it just sits there. will not start just blinks at me.
      I hope some one can tell me what the problem is and point me at a solution.

      Image I used was OMV_3_0_92_Odroidxu4_4.9.61

      Thanks in advance
    • OK update on trouble shooting, unfortunately once the system locks up that’s it you must start over re flash the sd card and begin again.

      After trying to eliminate the steps that work by doing a complete shut down and restart after each step I have isolated the 1.5tb Seagate
      as the culprit. For some reason omv either does not like the Seagate drive or it does not like ext3. At this point I am looking at omv as
      the problem because flash the sd card with Ubuntu mate and everything works I can mount both drives move files no issues, so I am
      stumped looks like I might need to boot in mate transfer all the files off that drive and reformat to ext4 and reload them.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I have used Linux Mint as a desktop for several years and found I like the stability of linux
      over windows, but this is turning into a real learning experience.

      Thanks in advance