Reboot loop on Odroid HC1

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    • Reboot loop on Odroid HC1


      Some times i bought two simplenas case with two Banana Pro. One was for me and one for family. I bought two 2.5" 5TB Seagate Barracuda for them.

      The first Simplenas work great, but the second didn't. It start to boot and a few second later the hard drive start to make this click noise again and again, like the banana pro reboot very fast with every time this click nosie from the hdd. I tested this hard drive in my regular pc for sometimes and didn't have any problem. I also drop the idea to use a nas for myself but i still want to build one for my family, especially as the performance of these simplenas with banana pro are just ridiculous. Also i use the second hard drive in my computer for now, and it make this click noise when i close the computer, so it's normal i guess.

      I order an odroid HC1. I format my hdd (ext4) and copy my data, i burn the latest version (OMV_3_0_92_Odroidxu4_4.9.61 ) of OMV for the odroid XU4 using the dd command in a 8GD micrSD card... But it still won't work, the NAS start and reboot a few second later with a click noise from the hdd, and it reboot again and again.

      I don't know what to think, is it a problem with this harddrive ? I try it for some week in my computer, and reformatting and copy my data without problem.