No luck with Bios time settings

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    • No luck with Bios time settings

      So I wanted to set my OMV computer to boot at 10 am. It is set to shut down at 2 am. So it will be off between those hours.

      Time in bios is set to right time with boot time set to 10 am.
      Time in OMV is set by NTP Server ( and I have the right Time Zone selected.

      The problems i am having is that the computer boots up at 3 am instead of 10 am. It shuts down at the right time. Im assuming this is something with Time Zones but I just dont see why this would be happening because I have everything set up correctly. There is no Time Zones selection in Bios. Does OMV adjust Bios time? If it doesnt I might just set the bios to boot at 3pm. Thanks.
    • ZanosG wrote:

      Does OMV adjust Bios time?
      Debian updates the RTC at shutdown.

      I assume the problem comes from the DST (Daylight Saving Time).
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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    • If DST was the problem, that could account for a one hour discrepancy. The OP does not say what time zone he is in, but if Debian updates the RTC at shutdown, and it is updating it to UTC time, then that could account for much more than a one hour discrepancy.
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