No internet access through OpenVPN

    • OMV 3.x
    • Resolved

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    • No internet access through OpenVPN

      I have setup and used OpenVPN plugin for years, but recently I no longer have access to my WAN while connected using my OpenVPN. I can still access my services in the LAN (such as Plex), but no outside internet access.

      In searching through the forums, I found a post that seemed to resolve that person's issue, but I really don't know what that CLI command does, and need some clarification before I use it.

      Any help would be appreciated. Might it be related to this issue? (if not, I will make a separate post to resolve the OpenVPN plugin to use Tunnelblick):
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      OMV 3.0.91 (Erasmus)
      Lenovo TS140