docker base image for rock64 - armhf

    • OMV 3.x

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    • docker base image for rock64 - armhf

      Hi All,

      I have a rock64 board running OMV 3 so it's armhf linux kernel 4.4.77

      I am trying to get a docker image/container to work -

      This is a useful docker image that combines transmission and openvpn together but its not build for armhf so it needs to be built manually from a base image

      There is a armhf dockerfile that can be used to build an image for armhf but it's for a RPi. I have been able to use 'docker build' command to build the image on my rock64 but it doesn't work as it starts with the base image for a pi. I'm a total noob with docker so i was hoping to get some help.

      I think the issue is the first command in the docker file - FROM resin/rpi-raspbianstretch

      I think i need to change this with something that works for rock64 - like a standard debian/armbian docker image

      Any ideas?
    • Hi,

      You can try to start from this instead of resin/rpi-raspbianstretch (example: arm64v8/debian:stretch).

      Alternately, you can download in dockerHub 2 images:
      • openvpn client for arm64
      • transmission for arm64
      After that, you can use your vpn container as network for transmission container.
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    • thanks for the suggestions. I have now tried a number of different base docker images but haven't had any luck getting the resulting container/image to work.

      So I am now trying the second option where I use two separate images. Can you explain a little more about how I use the vpn container as the network for transmission?