What is going on with this Raid 1 configuration?

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    • What is going on with this Raid 1 configuration?


      I'm a new user and I need some help interpreting what's going on.

      I set up my two hard drives as a RAID 1 configuration. They got split up into drives
      • /dev/md0 (2.73TB)
      • /dev/md0p1 (1.90TB)
      • /dev/md0p3 (1.39TB)
      The last two are still in state "false". The capacities don't add up (the hard drives are 2.73TB each).

      Is this ok?
      What is happening here?
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    • The only thing that I can think of, that might be related:

      Was one or more of these drives ever used in RAID1 before?

      When mdadm RAID is set up, much like LVM and GPT partitioned drives, "stuff" (like the super block) is written as partition data. In some cases, a quick wipe doesn't always overwrite this data. This comes to mind because some partition types, flags, etc., can be damx persistent, requiring something like Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) to clear it out.
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