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      This link is to the unofficial user setup guide; Getting Started with Openmediavault.
      This user manual is targeted toward beginners who have experience with Windows or Apple PC's and some understanding of their LAN.

      Feedback on this document is welcome at or by PM.
      ((Please note that this E-mail address is for documentation, not for technical support. Users should continue to direct OMV questions and issues to the forum.))

      user guide administrators manual
      Good backup takes the "drama" out of computing
      OMV 3.0.99, ThinkServer TS140, 12GB ECC, 32GB USB boot, 4TB+4TB zmirror, 3TB client backup.
      Backup Server:
      OMV, Acer RC-111, 4GB, 32GB USB boot, 3TB+3TB+4TB Rsync'ed disks+SNAPRAID
      2nd Data Backup
      R-PI 2B, 16GB boot, 4TB WD MyPassport

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