Your user account was used to log in to the openmediavault control panel via a web browser.

    • OMV 4.x
    • Your user account was used to log in to the openmediavault control panel via a web browser.

      Hello OMV Community,

      Since a few versions 3.0.9x or previous, and now, on 4.1.4-1, there is something i didn't know where i can set or unset.

      It is about my very 1st NAS i made with OMV and HP microserv Gen8, one year and a few months ago.

      When i connect on OMV Webgui, i received immediatly a email with this Your user account was used to log in to the openmediavault control panel via a web browser.. Normal, works fine, but how/where do i disable it ?

      it seems/i remember there is a previous version, where it was possible to check the option case, but now, i do not find out where.

      Notification General settings : Enable


      on others OMV 3.0.99 i have not this "issue"

      So, where can i disable/enable this notification email feature ? :)

      Thanks guys
    • You can’t disable this notification. You will not get this email if you enable cookies. If so, you will get it the first login and then after the cookie has been expired.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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    • ok, thanks.
      your answer makes me crazy about cookies, because, in fact, it is one surprise for me, i have never seen cookies. I clean my pc every day, and i select some cookies to be kept, and others to be erased.
      but no cookie for omv.
      i m going to check my browser setup to understand

      edit after new tests:

      4 NAS with OMV, 4 cookies named by their IP address ( each cookie is kept, no cleaning for them.
      I delete them, clean cache, ccleaner for all unwanted website cookies + those of OMV NAS. Re-connection. Cookies created. And... same thing. Cookies are there. Notification email comes.
      I have no usual Question about "do you want to save id/pwd/cookie" for a new website connection. (don't know if it is that english sentence used for this case).
      How to force register cookie for OMV NAS ?

      i try a lot of setups, nothing is working. I have only the "ip" cookies and always notification email. I disable notification, reenable, and now, nothing sent LOL, even the test message. Setup is exactly the same as the 3 others OMV3 NAS i have.

      After, HWraid, shares lost (recent, samba issue or smbv1 ?), updates with errors (now, it's ok), there is a lot of troubles for me during this OMV3->4 upgrade. i spent a lot of time, unusual on OMV, on course, less than you, dev, but i really don't understand what was wrong.

      Now i have a question about OMV4:
      As i have all my data on Raid HW and HDDs managed by HW raid card, if i wipe my ssd to install a new OMV, do i have risk to lost all my datas ?
      Of course, i have to set all shares/rights but what is important is data, not settings.

      I use 3 different browsers, i use 3 different machines. Smartphone, PC and Mac, same things, i receive at each connection the connection notification email, i have the cookies. So only thing i can do is to accept this, or disable notifcations.

      sorry if there is a lot of steps inside my post :)

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    • Genna wrote:

      As i have all my data on Raid HW and HDDs managed by HW raid card, if i wipe my ssd to install a new OMV, do i have risk to lost all my datas ?
      Nope. Just unplug every data drive while installing on a new system drive. After the first complete boot, shutdown the system, connect the drives, boot up and mount them again.
      OMV stoneburner | HP Microserver | 256GB Samsung 830 SSD for system | 4x 2TB in a RAID5
      OMV erasmus| Odroid XU4 | 5TB Data drive | 500GB Backup drive
    • Hi,
      about cookies, there is no cookie problem with HTTP. The 1st time i connect, i can save cookie.
      in HTTPs, for a local network use only, there is some security error message i can pass through, with special rule in FF or Chrome, but cookie is not saved. With 3.0.99 (and previous version) and with 4.x version.
      i clean cache on all browsers i have. i check kaspersky rules/settings too.

      is it a https issue ? is it just on my pc ? (i can try under Mac os, or Centos). I can not add certificat because to do that, it needs to be seen from outside (Let's Encryt or equal).

      is there anything i would have missed ?
    • Hi guys,

      i try a lot of things to avoid this email notification, and this is what i did:

      https mode
      cookies accepted in FF and Chrome, cookies are kept in CCleaner. cleaning cache
      at each login, i must enter id/pwd. But cookies are on my pc.
      Id/pwd deleted on Chrome/FF, and logout then login. No asking to save id/pwd in FF or Chrome (??)

      switch to http
      deleting cookies, to be sure. cleaning cache too.
      and 1st login, entering id/pwd, then asking to save pwd, then i can see a new cookie in CCleaner and FF and Chrome. Keeping this cookie set in CCLeaner. And FF/Chrome setting: keep cookie til their expiration.
      logout, then login: in login window, my informations are there, YES... login, then logout. And again.

      and i always receive my email login notification...

      So, what i had to do to avoid this issue was to uncheck receiving notification, to choose http instead of https.

      it is not normal or acceptable for me. I have no issue like that on others web site, with 2FA or not.

      what i want to know is if it is my PC settings, my OMV settings or a

      fyi, i have this on all my OMV 3.0.99 (even in fresh OMV4.0, but now, i own only OMV3.0.99, i uninstall OMV4.)

      these actions are made on new fresh OMV install (from scratch, new ssd).

      what is the next try ? i would like to understand. Of course, all my OMVs work very fine, this is only this annoying thing i have.

      thanks for your ideas or help :)

      edit: in the cookie, i can read this:




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