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      Dear Sir or Madam,

      i have a WD external USB Driver with 4 TB plugged on.

      The Device is formated in ntfs and i would use them to sync Folder to USB for using the external Device with Windows.

      I can Mount the device in File Systems.

      Now i go to USB Backup and configure a Task to sync the Folder from destination device to USB device.

      Then the USB device is going to unmount :(

      Also a Problem is that i can´t create a Folder on USB device in the Menue "shared Folders", the Device is not shown,
      but he is mounted in File Systems.

      Can anyone help me ?

      best regards

    • The label of the drive has a space, which is not supported with ntfs.

      Change the label from "My Passport" to "MyPassport" or something else without a space inside.
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