Advice on Nas Hardware

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    • Advice on Nas Hardware

      Hey guys,

      a few days ago my Raspberry pi 3 kinda broke.. so now i need 2 get new hardware for my Nas and since i learned that a raspberry kinda sux for a Nas i hoped some of u could give me some advice what 2 use for a Nas.
      Since im a Student i dont want 2 spend 2 much money on my Nas so up 2 about 70 bucks should be fine but i wont mind if its a little more but like i said <--- poor guy ...
      a few points that should be considerd ... im from germany so if i order some stuff from the us or from china i have 2 pay extra ( had some Very Bad experiences there),
      so if the hardware is sold omewhere in europe it would be best ... searched nearly an hour 2 find someone who sells rock64 from the uk. but i wanted 2 pick your brains before buying something again and regretting it later...( like i did with the raspberry)

      And 1 more question that doesnt really has something 2 do with hardware.. like i said my Nas was build on a Raspberry pi 3+ with an eternal 3tb harddrive connexted via usb. when i set up a new Nas can i just mount my old drive and have all my old data or am i F*c°*d and my data are gone?
      Never RE-mounted a drive before ...

      thx and have a nice day - Viva
    • well.. htx alot for the info .. after reading hours and searching where i can buy a odroid or a rock64 i know now how raspberry can hold his position ... at least u can buy them at the same price nearly everywhere, its really sad when i tryd 2 find a place where i can order one of the others 2 germany and i pay for and rock64 with a power suply 130 euro .. wtf same for odruid xu4 it SOOOO much more expensive if ur not located in the US.....
      i probably end up running my Nas on a pi again just bcause i have another one here and im not willing 2 pay 100+ euro for a better sbc which Should cost the half of the price

      ( the one i found in the uk ships from the US , so no thx .. last time i ordered soething from the us i didnt only had 2 pay the tax whch is normal i also had 2 pay extro for the dilivery after tax.. so my jacket which should have cost 40 was about 75 euro .. nope thx )

      Still thx alot for the help
    • Don't skimp on the RAM if the new hardware has an option to get more RAM, get it.
      Also note that the Rock64 boards supports eMMC modules, which has longer life span than using a USB drive or microSD card for the OS.
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