SAMBA Fails to Function Correctly

    • OMV 3.x

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    • SAMBA Fails to Function Correctly

      Not sure if this is supposed to go in this topic. If I'm in the wrong place, please tell me where I should be, and I'll go there.

      OMV version Erasmus, 3.0.99. Hardware is a Dell desktop, that is less than a year old with an i7 processor and oooodles of RAM. Probably overkill for what I'm using this for.

      Using Linux Mint 18.3 w/Cinnamon to interface with OMV.

      Samba is whatever version is most up to date for Erasmus. I ran all the updates earlier today, with no change in symptoms.

      Problem I'm running into initially seems to be a permissions issue. When I open a network share from Linux, I get to put in my user name and password (which works), and am greeted with an empty folder. Folder is of the correct free space for the contents, and checking its properties DOES show that space has been used, which, again, appears to be correct.

      When I SSH in, I can see the contents of the folders via LS. My data is still there... I just can't see it in the nice graphical UI in Linux Mint.

      Folders are primarily on a networked share from a ZFS pool. Yes, I've found the acl setting for ZFS in the plugin. off or posixacl, makes no difference to the problem. There is a single NTFS drive, which is also inaccessible.

      I am able to SSH into the OMV device. In there, I can verify that CHOWN and CHMOD work... LS shows me the users are set correctly. However, multiple posts tell me that this is not how OMV sets permissions, that I should use something called "ACL". I thought that was a tendon...

      Attempted to set up ACL in accordance with assorted tutorials. Problem got worse. Now, I have shares that come up as "not a folder" in Linux Mint. Again, SSH and LS dispute this result.

      Yes, I have the Reset Permissions plugin from OMV-extras. Resetting all permissions didn't fix this, either.

      No, I can NOT alter the disks contents, and start over. I need to be able to share them as is, and have ZERO other devices that can access ZFS pools at this time. Even if I did, no drives big enough on hand to transfer the contents to... ZFS support was a major reason behind my choice of OMV...

      I've spent the last month (yes, a month of spare time) reading and applying MANY tutorials and posts. So many, I wouldn't be able to ever list them all here.

      Which brings me to where I am today, with an OMV install that is functionally pointless. It looks like it's working, but actually isn't... thankfully, I can't do anything else with it until this is resolved, as I need access to my drives to do anything... so if I have to take it out back and shot it, I won't loose anything else...

      Not sure where to go from here. Any help is appreciated.