Remove array physically

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Remove array physically

      Due to disk space running out, i have moved data from old raid1 array "md0" to new array "md1".

      All shares, databases, services changed to new array md1. Everything fine. Unmount disksystem on old array md0, still working fine for a week now.

      Now time to remove the disks from md0 physically from server.

      Any special procedure to follow or just take them out and power up?

      Or remove array and fs in omv first?
    • If all data and shared folders have been moved to the new disk and the filesystem is unmounted via UI then you can simply remove the disks if you want to keep the data as backup, otherwise go to the Software Raid page and delete the array.

      If you simply remove the devices it may be necessary to execute the following command:

      Source Code

      1. # omv-mkconf mdadm
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    • There is a difference between "works" and "entries cleaned out from OMV".

      So even if you removed the disks, OMV may still remember the configuration.

      So that was the reason why votdev mentioned the other parts where information may be alive - like shared disks, filesystems and other stuff.

      If that is also cleaned up - you have then "only" to remove the disks finally.
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