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    • hard drive format

      Like an idiot, I forgot to backup my settings, and now my boot drive has failed... I cannot remember what format the drives from my OMV server are in... What's the best linux and/or BSD distro to use in an attempt to read my drives so I can recover my data?


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    • Well I built an actual OS drive and have booted to it... Ubuntu-MATE.... It would appear as though I have been able to retrieve everything, but the drive is still reporting that it has 1.1TB of data still on it and I have no visible folders?? I have even emptied the trash. I'm really confused.

      I have used the ls -la command and there are no hidden folders that I can see... very strange

      Any suggestions on something to check before I wipe this drive?

    • Why not do an OMV rebuild? It only takes 15 to 20 minutes and it should simply "mount" the data drive. (Storage, File Systems, click on the drive, then the Mount button.)

      You could reconfigure the network shares with the existing data.
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