To share or not to share

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    • To share or not to share

      I'm moving to OMV (tried it once years ago) and I'm wondering if I should share my folders. Right now I'm running Emby on OMV and Emby has access to /srv/dev-disk-by-label so I point it there to access the files. So do I really need to share a folder out? Couldn't I just use that folder? Is the sharing just for SMB/CIFS connections?
    • earthtorob wrote:

      I tried Plex years ago because it was build from XBMC and I had a lot of exp with that. But I switched to Emby because Plex had monthly fees. Of course now Emby does too. :)

      What does Plex have over Emby? Since leaving XBMC I'm pretty open to trying new stuff.

      I'm not too up-to-date on how they compare. At the time, I switched because Emby couldn't sync media to ipads, and I needed to do that for a trip I was taking with my kids. Shortly after, I added a bunch of remote users to Plex and I think it would be too much hassle to force them all to switch to Emby clients unless there was a significant reason to do so.

      Also, Plex is free for most features. The Plex Pass is only required for a few extra goodies. I bought a lifetime one personally, but I imagine the vast majority use free accounts.