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    • Accessing Mounted VeraCrypt Directory

      Hi Guys,

      First off, I'm new to all aspects of this. I currently have a Raspberry Pi 3 and is running Openmediavault. What I did is I have a USB 1gb drive installed on the Raspberry Pi then I ssh to the Pi and mounted the veracrypt file. From the Pi I can access the files from the mounted veracrypt. Going back to Openmediavault, it seems it sees the mounted drive and directories but once I try to access it from another computer, I would ask for a username and password (which is what I wanted to do) but even with the right credentials, it will say that access is not granted due to rights access. I do hope somebody out there can help me. Sorry if this has been asked or if I'm on the wrong thread.

      It seems that my problem (and it could also be yours) is PRIVILEGE RGHTS. When I first mounted my Veracrypt Directory, I was logged in as ROOT so the owner and group for the directory was ROOT. So I deleted the 1st directory I made and this time I created a new one while logged in as USER.

      I am able to access my Veracrypt directory now but I'm not closing this just yet till I'm sure (after a week) that it wont go bonkers on me again.

      To be clear, so far the solution for this was simply PRIVILEGE RIGHTS. SSH to your Raspberry Pi and check who is the owner of the directory Veracrypt will me using and which group it belongs to.

      I do hope this helps someone.