SnapRaid HDD defect.. how to recover

    • OMV 3.x

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    • SnapRaid HDD defect.. how to recover

      Hi guys.. I need help..

      I have a snapraid config of 4 HDDs..

      -Data3 (defect)
      -Data3new (blank)

      First of all I installed the new HDD in my server.. Under Datasystems I formatted it as EXT4.. the new HDD is there.. Then i deleted my defect hdd in snapraid and put my new one to it.
      then i pressed "repair" under "tools"... now i get an error:

      Self test...
      Loading state from /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Paritaet1/snapraid.content...
      WARNING! Content files '/srv/dev-disk-by-label-Paritaet1/snapraid.content' and '/srv/dev-disk-by-label-Daten2/snapraid.content' have a different size!
      Likely one of the two is broken!
      From SnapRAID v9.0 the text content file is not supported anymore.
      You have first to upgrade to SnapRAID v8.1 to convert it to binary format.

      Maybe you can help me..

      greetz from germany..
      MSI B-250-DS3H-G4560 | some RAM | someTB WD red (snapraid) | OMV 4.x (latest) | DD Cine S2 V6.5
    • Does your data3 drive still work? If so, you could copy all the files from it to the replacement drive and save yourself some rebuild time.

      Here's what I've done Drive failing, how best to proceed (snapraid)

      These days I only use the snapraid gui for configuration file changes. I do everything else from the terminal.

      I just re-read your post and realize you have 2 content files of different size. Somehow you need to figure out which one is the correct one or you may not get all your data back from the failed disk.

      I found this thread on the issue:…thread/3363b69e/?limit=25

      Not sure what the plugin repair command does because according to the snapraid manual, the fix command does NOT modify the content file. Only a sync or a scrub modify the content file.

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