New Disk Not in Dropdown Lists for Selection

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    • New Disk Not in Dropdown Lists for Selection

      I added a new 8TB disk to my OMV 4.1.6 server today to use as an additional SnapRAID parity drive but I am having a problem.

      The steps I took to add the disk were as follows:

      1) Shut down OMV
      2) Added the disk to the machine.
      3) Booted OMV
      4) Went to the OMV GUI | Storage | Disks and pressed the Scan Button, then saw the new disk appear in the list as /dev/sdg with g being the highest letter in the list.
      5) Went to Storage | File Systems and pressed the Create button. selected HGST HDN728080AL [/dev/sdg, 7.27 TiB] from the Device drop-down list (the only available item in the list), gave it a Label: dp2, and selected EXT4 for the File system, then pressed the OK button.
      6) Filesystem was successfully created, so I pressed the Close Button and then on the same page in the GUI I mounted the disk. Attached is a screenshot of this.
      7) Next in the GUI I went to Services | SnapRAID | Drives and pressed the Add button. Under Select a drive drop-down list, all previously existing drives are available for selection, but not the newly added drive.
      8)) I also tried to add a Shared folder under Access Rights Management but the newly added disk is not available in the Device drop-down list there either.
      9) Next I rebooted the machine, but still the problem remains. The newly added disk does not appear in any drop-down lists.
      10) In a shell I can navigate to /srv/dev-disk-by-label-dp2 and can create files and directories on the disk. But it still will not appear in any drop-down list withinthe OMV GUI.

      What am I doing wrong?
      OMV 4.x - ASRock Rack C2550D4I - 16GB ECC - Silverstone DS380