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      I admit that I don't know the internals of Emby - that's your area. In my case, I have segregated media shares so individual paths to each share seemed to be in order. In any case, there's more than one way to do it. Overall, I'm satisfied that it works well.
      Thanks for the pointers though, well I got it installed and it's working or seems to be I can get a Web GUI, what isn't is the plugins catalogue so I've asked on the Emby forum...it's just not populating and I need to install two.

      EDIT: Sorted the plugins, in my enthusiasm I forgot to add Emby to the users group.
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    • It seems like every time I get into a configuration exercise, I learn something significant. While I have Windows permissions down, Linux permissions has been a learning process. Curiously, while basic Linux permissions have been around awhile, it's almost as if extend permissions where added as an afterthought.

      In any case, in Dockers, special permissions based on UID and GID (the numbered equivalent of a named user or group - which allows the use of the named user or group for access) finally registered and made sense.
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