ESata Backup guide for Rookies - is there one?

    • OMV 4.x

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    • ESata Backup guide for Rookies - is there one?


      i have attached my eSATA drive today first time and the USB backup from extras is installed.

      Basically the drive is recognized and I can access.

      Unforuntatley I can't disconnect the device as it will be mounted and referenced somewhere as soon as I create an rsync job or USBBackup job. Why is this the case?

      After some time even deleting both Rsync and USBBACKUP job did not free up the device again.

      This is not the sense of a hotpluggable Backup.

      I have formatted the drive NTFS as I want to access it on windows machines too, if required.

      I am a very new user to Openmediavault and I find it sometimes a bit cumbersome to get to the details if you are a no Linux user.

      To get the thing to share is pretty straight forward but what about the backing up jobs? What about their description? What about that mounting/referenced et stuff?
      All strange to me...