OMV 4 and Nextcloud in docker Filesystem

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    • OMV 4 and Nextcloud in docker Filesystem

      Hi OMV!

      Looking to switch from an Xpenology system to OMV.

      Now i have been meddling around with OMV, but there is no real Web UI to browse your files in OMV, right?
      So, i wanted to run next cloud next to it as a file browser, but also for the extra features (calendar/contacts/photo gallery). And i want OMV because it manages the disks for me.

      I have enough experience with Docker and linux (and i like the idea of dockerizing) so i went on and pulled and ran's nextcloud image. It runs smoothly and i can access it.

      Now the real problem i have is getting to sync the filesystems right. I mounted /sharedfolders to /data. Does not do the trick (it will create a subfolder for a nextcloud user and the other shared folders will not be accessible).
      Does anyone have this figured out? I cant seem to think of a good way to do this. I used a newly created user (added to all usergroups as it is my "superuser accout", dont worry still playing around in a VM), and i used his UID and the GUID of the group "users".

      All the shared folders seem to be owned by root and the group users. Should i change that?

      Also, if installing NextCloud natively is a better option to solve this, let me know. And i am also aware of the fact OMV users and NextCloud users do not sync.

      Not acceptable solution:
      Create a shared folder via OMV and mount that specific directory at /data in the container. I want all shared folders accessible from my file browser.

      Any help is appreciated! Thanks!