SSL certificate with multiple plugins on different ports

    • SSL certificate with multiple plugins on different ports

      I recently installed omv4 on an old desktop PC I have. I'm very happy with it so far but I'm having a little trouble with SSL certificates. I'm very new to this and my understanding of all this is pretty limited. I tried to find an answer to this question elsewhere in the forum before posting, and it may well be out there, I just couldn't find it.

      I have several plugins installed (listed below), and I would like to be able to access most of them from outside my local network through https with a signed certificate from LetsEncrypt. I'm using a domain from DynDNS and, after some fiddling, I was able to get a signed SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt using the LetsEncrypt plugin in omv. I am not using the standard https port to access the omv admin page. In my router, I have forwarded another external port to port 443 on my omv machine. This works perfectly when I access the omv admin page from the internet - that is, I get the green lock icon in my browser.

      However, when I try to access the other services running on this machine from the internet using the same domain name from DynDNS but on a different port, the system uses an unsigned certificate and my browser warns me that the connection may be insecure.

      As I understanding it, as long as I know I'm connecting to the right server, a self-signed certificate will provide the same encryption as a signed cert from a CA like LetsEncrypt. With that in mind, I don't know how important it is to get that little green lock icon for all of the services running on this machine but, I would still like to.

      Right now, each service is listening on a different port. I have each of those ports forwarded in my router and I've used the settings in each individual service to allow/force https connections. Is there a way to get all of these services to use the same signed SSL certificate or perhaps different ones, given that they're all on the same domain name, just different ports? If so, is this something I can do from the omv admin page or is it a problem for the command line or do I need to do this in each of the services individually?

      Some basic info is listed below. Please let me know if there is any way I can clarify my question.


      • Intel Core i5-3570
      • Version: 4.1.6
      • Kernel: 4.16.0-0.bpo.1-amd64
      Services i would like to access through https
      • omv admin page (signed cert working)
      • syncthing admin page (signed cert not working)
      • WebDAV (not setup yet but i'd like this to work as well when I get to it)
      • Docker Containers
        • Handbrake (signed cert not working, also not really needed. I don't plan to access this from the internet anyway)
        • OpenVPN-AS admin page (signed cert not working)
    • Why are you using different ports instead the assigned ports when access from WAN?

      You have the ability to choose the Certificate for each web server that you want to use in Nginx setup page.

      I have several services, and they are using the same LE cert without issue.
      OMV v4.0
      Asus Z97-A/3.1; i3-4370
      32GB RAM Corsair Vengeance Pro
      4x3TB RAID10
    • There is another device on my network that also uses the port 443 for https. When I first tried to get a certificate for my domain, this other device was causing some problems, so I turned it off, did my setup and turned it back on. Then I added a rule in my router to forward a random external port to 443 on my omv machine so that it wouldn't interfere with anything else. This part is working just fine.

      I haven't changed any ports in the omv machine, just in my router. Basically, I did this because I don't know how else to solve this problem.

      The part i'm having trouble with is getting the other services to work with the same certificate. Those services all have their own admin pages and each comes with an assigned standard port. I have not changed any of those ports.

      How can I access the Nginx setup page?
    • OMV GUI>>>Services>>>Nginx (web sites).

      If you're setting your services manually in here, then you can choose your cert that you want to use.
      However, if the services that are installed as plugins or other method, then you have to figure it out a way to incorporate the LE in there.

      Emby for example.
      OMV v4.0
      Asus Z97-A/3.1; i3-4370
      32GB RAM Corsair Vengeance Pro
      4x3TB RAID10