Odroid H2 with OMV4 : slow transfer speed with SMB or FTP(only10mb/s)

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    • Odroid H2 with OMV4 : slow transfer speed with SMB or FTP(only10mb/s)

      im desperate with my odroid h2 with omv4 and a nwe 2tb wd-red + win10. unfortunately the speed with smb or ftp is very slow (10mb/s).
      I have a vdsl router and the yellow led is also on, on the h2 (lan). My win10 PC only has a realtek with 100/100 mb/s but that shouldn't be the problem.
      I would be very happy about suggestions and help.
    • gadido30 wrote:

      I am thinking to buy this board
      Which board?

      The ODROID H2 has been announced just recently and the post above from May 2018 (dealing with the 'usual' misunderstanding of MB/s vs. Mbits/sec) most probably references the ODROID HC2 (that is sometimes also referenced as C2 here which is also another existing ODROID model -- Hardkernel chose a pretty unfortunate naming scheme for their various ODROIDs).

      ODROID H2 is just some rather expensive Gemini Lake J4105 thingy with two RealTek NICs and performs as good/bad as any other Gemini Lake thingy with same NIC.
    • gadido30 wrote:

      Did you test it
      Yep, though I have no idea any more why I spent time on this. You find my review at the bottom of comments section here: cnx-software.com/2018/10/19/od…-j4150-development-board/ (try to read through all of the comments).

      If I would build a NAS based on a Gemini Lake SoC (which I do not want) I would choose a less expensive Mini-ITX board combined with an appropriate Mini-ITX enclosure. But my use case is 'reliable NAS' and not what the majority of H2 owners has in mind. I'm a big fan of data integrity (I really hate silent bit rot) and as such I would only do an expensive DIY NAS if this would be the only variant to get ECC memory (so no Gemini Lake for me anyway).